Saturday, May 3, 2014

Losing Friends Sucks

If there's one of many things I've learned so far from this 8th semester in college, is that absence makes heart grow fonder. You know, the higher the semester number, the less classes I have to take, the less amount of time I can spend with my friends in college. So when I finally meet them, I cherish every moment when I'm in it. We'll graduate soon (in fact, two of my closest friends have just graduated two months ago!). We'll separate (which is starting to happen, it seems). And I'm sad just to think about that. That's why I barely feel angry with them every time they make fun of me or play jokes on me. I try not to take it seriously and just keep laughing until my mouth feels numb or my stomach hurts.

I've lost a friend once before. I know it didn't happen because she and I fighting or not talking in days. She died because of cancer. And it truly felt hurt, like someone stabbed your chest with a knife. Like someone punched your stomach really hard. Not that I've ever experienced those things in my life before, but you know.... it was like something precious had been taken away from you before you could even prepare. It fucking hurt.

So I try to keep my friends close. The best ones, actually (I don't think I need to mention their names, I know they'll know who they are when they read this, hehehe). I care about them so much, even though it may doesn't look like it.

....because I don't wanna lose friends anymore.

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