Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Thing About Parents

My parents once said to me that I'm now old and mature enough to make my own decisions in life. They usually just give me some pep talks before I have to make any decisions, so that I understand the consequences, the pros and the cons of every single thing I choose to do. Now I can do whatever I want in life, right? As long as it's a positive thing and I don't do any harm to other people.

But, apparently, the world is not a wish-granting factory (yep, it's from "that" book again. The famous, heart-warming yet heart-wrenching YA novel ever; The Fault in Our Stars). I still have to get home before 8 P.M, or else my parents will keep calling my cellphone or sending me messages. One day I came home late because I had to work on my college assignments and I already told my parents about it earlier, but that day I didn't bring the car, so I had to take a cab to go home. The clock hadn't even pointed at 8 P.M, but my parents already kept calling me, asked me when I'd go home and told me to be always careful.

Sometimes I do feel annoyed by their.... what? Protectiveness? They said I'm now old and mature enough, but why do they keep doing all these stuff that make me feel like a little kid? But, hey, it's not that I hate them. I know they just love their children so much, and I should be grateful instead. That's the thing about parents, right? They just worry all the time. And that's okay.

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