Sunday, April 19, 2015


A friend of mine told me something surprising last week it caught me off guard. It was kind of a good news actually, but still I couldn't stop my jaw from dropping and so my mouth was widely open you have no idea. I can't tell you what the news is, but tbh it is the kind of news that used to make me feel bitter and turned myself into the judging mode one. So yeah not only I was surprised by the news my friend told me, I was also surprised with myself because all I felt was happy and relieved instead. No bitterness at all. I even hugged her after I recovered from my unnecessary shock. 

When I went home that day, I'd come to realise that apparently my perspective toward certain things has somehow changed as I get older. It's not that I've given up on my personal life values, no I think I'm just compromising. With life. And all the events that have occurred. When I was younger, I had my mind set up toward something. I had my own stand points on some particular issues. Then I started to get older. I met new people. I went to places. I made new friends. And so probably without I even realised, I have also added these new perspectives to the way I see this life.

See, I used to take a stand against some particular issues, but people whom I met along as I was getting older have kind of shifted my perspective toward those issues--especially my college friends. I met a lot of different people in college and some of them have become my best friends. They've taught me things, like "real" things, without them realising it. They've opened my eyes--and probably my heart also--like just because a girl is no longer a virgin doesn't mean I'm better than her, just because I cover my head with a hijab doesn't mean I'm a saint or what, just because a boy likes to drink alcohol doesn't mean he's a bad person. They've made me see people as a real person, that as long as people treat me nicely, I'll return their favor happily.

Sometimes people close to me do something I personally dislike. And you know what? No big deal. Yeah I've reminded them, that those things they do are not entirely positive, but that's it. The rest is up to them. I'm just here to remind them. My best friends are all adults, they know what they're doing. And just because I've reminded them earlier, doesn't mean I can talk bad things about them and leave them if something bad happens. We're all best friends, for God's sake. And true friends don't stab each other from the back, do they? Well I guess what I'm trying to say here is: don't judge. Respect their decisions. Respect EVERYONE's opinion. Keep them company. And again, don't judge. Don't. Ever. Fucking. Judge. People.

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