Thursday, July 23, 2015


I remember it was in early 2013. I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard when I saw a picture of two teenage boys hugging each other. They didn't even look at each other's eyes, but they were laughing genuinely. Their eyes were scrunching up and they just looked so adorable. That picture just screamed bromance to me, and God knows how big of a sucker I am for that kind of thing. I googled the image then, and later I knew that they were actually two of five members from One Direction. I had known about One Direction before, but I had not known them enough to know that the two boys in that picture were actually Liam and Niall. FETUS Liam and Niall, with Liam still had his big curly hair and Niall still wore his braces. But truthfully it wasn't Liam or Niall who pulled me further into the fandom; it was Harry, whose personality is the complete opposite of me and I just ASDHFJKGL.

Before I discovered that picture on Tumblr, though, I actually had heard some of their songs like What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, and Live While We're Young. Then I started to google them, and I learned that they had already released two albums, which were Up All Night and Take Me Home. And apparently the Take Me Home tour was still on going at that time. I searched their videos on YouTube, I watched every single of their video diaries, old interviews, tour performances, music videos, FUNNY MOMENTS (which were a lot!), etc. And it just snowballed from there. I also started to learn the fandom languages, like shipping, fanfics, OTP, canon, headcanon, etc. I learned some of the fandom's inside jokes. I followed many One Direction blogs on Tumblr and some update accounts on Twitter. I stayed up all night just to keep updated about their current show. IT WAS FREAKING EXCITING.

But tbh at first I was a lowkey One Direction fan. I was kind of ashamed for being a fan of something as mainstream as One Direction, because it wasn't the kind of music that I had usually listened to. I was more into alternative/folk music. So when I found myself liking their songs, I was like in denial. I just couldn't believe myself. But then the more I saw these One Direction posts on Tumblr, how these people were always excited and proud of what they liked, I started to realize that.... hey, life's too short to pretend you don't like things just because it's not expected of you (THANKS FOR @ADVIL FOR THAT, one time this guy brought his little sister as a scapegoat to a One Direction concert, so people wouldn't judge him and think he was a creepy guy. But I never found someone who's any prouder than him to be a One Direction fan. Not to mention that he's a guy and it's so RARE to find a guy directioner like him). So I thought to my self, you know what, screw them. I can like anything I want and be loud about them. Let them judge me what they want because I honestly don't give a fuck. I still listen to some other bands, though, because who says I can't like One Direction and Twenty One Pilots and Ball Park Music at the same time, huh?

And today is the fifth anniversary of One Direction. I might not be in this fandom from the very beginning, which was started in 2010, but I just wanna say thank you so freaking much. This boyband has been giving me so much happiness, the kind of happiness that nothing else could ever give me. It's been very fun. Their music has been keeping me company through the ups and downs of my life. They've even made me "reunite" with one of my juniors in high school, who's also a big fan of them, and we always send text to each other to just talk about One Direction and keep ourselves updated about them. I've also made some new friends through this fandom though I've never met them. So thank you thank you thank you. Happy fifth anniversary, One Direction! I love every single one of you. ALL THE LOVE!

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